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The Grand Tour Art History Curriculum

Compare 4 works of art from the Italian Renaissance with 4 works from the Byzantine era to begin building the framework we will build on in future lessons. This download will introduce you to the overview portion of the Grand Tour Art History Curriculum

Because Art is too Important not to Teach

Featured Curriculum

The Western Art Overview is in the Going Broad part of the curriculum and includes 4 works of art from 6 distinct eras: Byzantine, Italian Renaissance, Northern Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionist, and Modern. 

Teachers receive: Lesson plans, an Observation Deck,  an Introductory Video,  and a Guidebook describing the works of art.

With this purchase your students begin to build a comprehensive overview of art  history. From this beginning you can move to our comprehensive Observation Deck of the Renaissance and then choose from the  Going Deeper Lessons to delve into particular artists lives, times, methods, and masterpieces. 

Going Broad, Going Deep

These are the two major categories of our Art History Curriculum. Going Broad takes the trends, artists, and eras into account and gives your student the overview needed to gain an understanding of the flow of Art.

Going Deep takes a closer look at individual artists and works increasing your students expertise  and insight.

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